Friday, July 15, 2011


I haven't really done the whole blog thing for a long time so I want to catch up a little bit....We went to Tropic reservoir while ago with our friends the Pead's. It was a nice little getaway, short and sweet. I am not a fan of camping with a little one just because we ruined her sleeping schedule on this trip. But Avree loved eating rocks and dirt and just being dirty.

Our early morning hike...since we were awake super early thanks to the squeeker in the middle

Our next camping trip was with my family to Moab. My sissy Heather and her family are Jeepers so they hooked us up. We almost passed on the trip since Jeremy had just had his surgery and wasn't feeling too amazing, so we brought the lazy boy so he could relax in comfort. Again, not great sleeping with Avree again, especially since we slept in the back of our truck this time, bad bad idea. bad.
Avree is so content rocking with her dad. Look at the chubbyness. sooo squishy:)
Here are 2 of the 3 Jeeps we had there, my brother in law Skip has the white beast and his buddy Jason has the red one. Its crazy to drive up to a ledge and just roll on up like it's nothing. ohh fun.
Playing in the dirt and eating rocks while her dad was "watching" her

Moab is so pretty, it looks like the St George area on steroids. Arches national park was nice, there is over 200 arches there

Me and my mom at the double arches.
We haven't been up to our usual summer partying :( hopefully Jeremy will heal fast, at his dr appointment he said 5 more weeks til he would be good to go, but I hope its faster. I am crossing my fingers.
The traditional day at the lake on the 4th of July. It was fun to be able to wakeboard again, I hadn't boarded since before I was pregnant. Avree liked the boat, not so much the life jacket.

This year I planted a garden, I am hooked. I love being able to run out to the garden and grab fresh veggies for dinner. Avree is so helpful at picking tomatoes, they are one of her favorite things to eat, she will eat everything but the skin. I am constantly finding skins all over the kitchen floor. (just found out today that tomatoes are not good for the little ones though. oops. no more for her)
Avree also likes to help me water the garden.
Avree is growing way too fast, she learn new things all the time.
She's been crawling for almost 2 months now, my house has never looked the same since. She claps, smacks her lips, clicks her tongues, gives the best slobber kisses-and raspberry kisses. She pulls up on everything and walks along the couches and walls and will go anywhere with no problem. I am just waiting for her to start walking any day now-as long as it's not while I'm at work, but at least Jeremy will be there if she did. She dances, sings and jibber jabbers. She says dad, mom and ball, hello, bye...I'm pretty sure she knows what they mean too. If I say Hi Grandma, she will turn to Grandma and wave and she will go find her ball when you ask her where it is. Of course I think my child is brilliant :) We finally got her to sleep through the night. She has the cutest crinkled nose smile. She still only has her 2 bottom teeth. She dropped from the 97% to the 91% in weight. wowsa skinny little thing!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big uh oh

The CRF on a happier day

Mr unbreakable is broken. I guess its only a matter of time before he would get hurt since his middle name is Danger.
So here's the story.... On June 4th Jeremy went to the motocross track with some buddies, I was on my way to a birthday party when Jeremy called me and told me he broke his arm, bad. He over jumped a jump by about 20 feet going about 40 mph and wasn't able to miss the burm on the corner which kicked his back tire and made him fly over his handle bars. He said he was seeing stars. My initial reaction was, um, freaking out-we don't have insurance and I was seeing $$$- horrible, I know. I did ask him if he was ok before I started freaking out though :) So my parents came and took Avree and I took Jeremy to the ER since I knew they wouldn't be able to do much at instacare. Jeremy's fingers were starting to get tingly and starting to hurt more and more, by the time we got to the ER his fingers were numb. Oh ER, I don't like you. 2 hours of "hmm" and "ok, I'll be right back" (liars) I was constantly looking for another nurse to get Jeremy more pain pills because he was in so much pain and morphine wasn't touching his pain, it just kept getting worse and worse. He was given 3 doses of morphine then finally 2 doses of dilaudid and a muscle relaxer, then he could finally relax a little, but he was in lala land after that. On one of my many ventures out in the hall to find someone, I saw his Dr and asked for some water. That's when he told me that Jeremy couldn't have any water or food because he may need surgery and he showed me some xrays (that I couldn't see through my tears) This whole time, nobody would tell us anything, it was so frustrating. They called in an orthopedic surgeon to look at him, he came and poked Jeremy's hand with a pin, which Jeremy couldn't feel. Then left the room. I asked a nurse if he was going to have surgery and she said yes and that they were bumping patients to get him in right away. Jeremy broke his 4th metacarpal, ulna and scaphoid and his wrist was also dislocated which was pinching his medial nerve- which was causing the numbness. The surgery was 2 hours long, he got a plate in his metacarpal with 6 screws and a big screw in his scaphoid, the Dr moved one tendon and stitched 2 others where they dislocated. That was a long day. Im so grateful that we have both our families in town, they were so helpful with Avree.

Jeremy didn't know I was talking a picture, but this was when he was in a ton of pain.
Dr Leitze is the surgeon in the red shirt. He was great.

Going into surgery, heavily medicated, heavily.
Jeremy made me put this picture up, it's his favorite-sorry if you're squeamish. This is when we were getting the 16 staples and 6 stitches (in his palm) out. It's been 5 weeks today and he is still pretty sore although he tries to be tough. His hand gets really swollen and if he overdoes it he pays for it. The Dr said he will be out of work (and diaper duty) for 2-3 months, so we are hoping that it won’t be that long. This whole thing has been pretty hard but I know things could be so much worse.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I FINALLY figured how to tether my phone to my computer so we can get the internet at our house. Yay! We have been busy and little bees lately. We just moved a few weeks ago and have been getting settled. I even planted a veggie garden at our new place. We will see if anything grows since I tend to murder all my plants. Im crossing my fingers. My sweet Grandpa Persson passed away about 2 weeks ago. Im so grateful that we have taken a few extra opportunities to visit my grandparents up north and introduce them to little Avree bug. Jeremy and I got a babysitter and finnaly enjoyed some snowboarding. Its crazy how having a baby makes playing a little bit harder.

This is how most of my pictures come out of Avree, she is such a little busy body.

It took about 20 shots, but I got a clear one of her squishy little face!
Who'da thought that prunes would be her favorite food. She was going crazy, I couldn't feed her fast enough.

Jeremy got some sweet '90 stand up jet skiis so he wanted to take them out to make sure they ran, 1 of them did...not too bad. Avree had so much fun playing in the water and trying to eat some sand. I cant wait for summer and all the lake trips!
ohhh the thighs

Today we busted out of the house in between confrences and went hiking in Snow Canyon. Since we were outside-of course Avree loved it even though the wind was intense.

I wanted to get a cute picture with the flowers in our front yard, but Avree was being a mamas girl and got mad when I sat her down.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peas Please

I feel like Avree is growing too dang fast! It doesnt help that she is a Laidlaw baby which puts her in the top percentile for weight and height. She is learning a lot and is so much fun. She has been sitting up all by her self since the end of January and she doesnt even cry when she face plants it. She's been rolling since January as well.
My favorite time is when she wakes up in the morning, she is so smiley and happy. A few nights ago we heard her in her crib kicking the matress and talking to herself for about 30 minutes. She has recently started reaching for Jeremy and I, I almost cried the first time. Love it.
She loves to watch people, dogs and unfortunately tv. She still likes walks and runs in the jogging stroller. She kicks kicks kicks all day long. Yesterday she weighed 19 pounds. I can't believe our big girl will be 6 months next week!!!
I decided I want to try to be an adveturous mom, so I made homemade baby food for Avree bug. This little girl has to see whats going on, she is such a busy body. Im afraid for when she learns how to cause some real trouble- I think she is going to be like her daddy...pray for me :)
Here is the finished product. yum yum yumminess. I really hope I can stay motivated and puree all her baby food for awhile. She has such a sensitive stomach so I hope keeping things basic will help her until she's a little older.
She would hold onto the food processor while it was going.
The first few bite she wasn't so sure about the new mush
Then she warmed up to it.
We took Avree swimming in the hot tub and she loved chasing the tug boat.
Needless to say we will be investing in some swimming diapers for this summer. We had a little swim suit for her, but her delicious thighs were too scrumptious for the leg holes.

She has also learned how to drink out of my camel back bottle. so we invested in some sippy cups which she likes- but she isnt quite sucessful at drinking out of them with out taking a bath.

toodles for now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its crazy that 5 months ago this is what we were doing, driving home with our little munchkin for the first time. It feels like she was just born but it feels like we've had her around forever. Time goes by so fast. These pictures are completly out of order but I dont feel like taking time to fix it :)
Eating some rice cereal

This girl loves loves loves being outside

When she was 1st born people would always notice her long fingers and say she is going to be a piano player. I found this keyboard at a yard sale for $1. Shes pretty good and making all kinds of noise but she likes to try to eat the keys too...

She always grabs the washcloth from me during her baths. She will suck out the water then redip it in the water and suck on it over and over.

Someday she will hate me for this!!
She goes CrAzY in her jumper

Dreaming of milk???

unwrapping presents on her first christmas

This was the 1st time trying rice cereal. We got more on her than in her

My niece Melissa said her shirt is so true. yup yup

We went to our first Jazz game. I was so worried about all the noise and her little ears. we had little ear plugs then cotton balls and her head band to keep the noise out. She couldn't take her eyes off the game. she loved all the noise and action. She stayed up way past her bed time

I love watching her learn new things. She has been rolling around for a month or so, she is trying to move around but she kind of just pivots around. She sits up on her own pretty good now. she can sit for a few minutes before she tips over. She loves playing with her link toys, but her favorite things are our cell phones and remotes. She was on a really good sleeping schedule, then she got sick... nowwe have no sleep schedule and we are trying to fix that--ahhh. I NEED help with that one- advice?? She loves to talk and blow raspberries. She continues to out grow her clothes before she can even wear them out. Part of me wishes she would stay little, but the other part is so excited to watch her grow up and discover everything and learn how her little body works.