Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life is awesome. We love having little Avree in our lives. Everything revolves around her now, we love it. She has been getting better and better as far as her acid reflux goes, thank goodness! She is getting a fun little personality. She will be 4 months on the 12th and I cant believe how fast time flies!!!! I just switched to part time so i get to spend more time with the little munchkin! We have an apointment with a child dentist on wednesday to find out if Avree needs surgery in her mouth. It makes me sick to think that she might need surgery, hopefully it turns out to be minor. I'll update when we find out
Avree loved going on the 4wheelerShe is a little happy girl, she has been smiling big for a while now but she has started laughing recently. I could listen to her laugh all day long. I love it :)
Her hair is always out of control, it just keeps growing and she hasnt lost very much of it. She has blonde eyelashes and eye brows like me, so we'll see what happens with that...
The Chubster loves loves loves baths

lovin on her bunny snugler

hahaha this picture makes me laugh so hard. she would rather stand than sit or lay. She is so chunky!!! She is in the 95% for weight (obviously) and 97% for height. She's a big girl, and a tough girl
She didn't like the flash in this picture, she was picking up the camera case with her feetsies

She always interlocks her long fingers and she is always sucking on them too. her fingers are constantly cold because they are always covered in slobber