Sunday, April 3, 2011

I FINALLY figured how to tether my phone to my computer so we can get the internet at our house. Yay! We have been busy and little bees lately. We just moved a few weeks ago and have been getting settled. I even planted a veggie garden at our new place. We will see if anything grows since I tend to murder all my plants. Im crossing my fingers. My sweet Grandpa Persson passed away about 2 weeks ago. Im so grateful that we have taken a few extra opportunities to visit my grandparents up north and introduce them to little Avree bug. Jeremy and I got a babysitter and finnaly enjoyed some snowboarding. Its crazy how having a baby makes playing a little bit harder.

This is how most of my pictures come out of Avree, she is such a little busy body.

It took about 20 shots, but I got a clear one of her squishy little face!
Who'da thought that prunes would be her favorite food. She was going crazy, I couldn't feed her fast enough.

Jeremy got some sweet '90 stand up jet skiis so he wanted to take them out to make sure they ran, 1 of them did...not too bad. Avree had so much fun playing in the water and trying to eat some sand. I cant wait for summer and all the lake trips!
ohhh the thighs

Today we busted out of the house in between confrences and went hiking in Snow Canyon. Since we were outside-of course Avree loved it even though the wind was intense.

I wanted to get a cute picture with the flowers in our front yard, but Avree was being a mamas girl and got mad when I sat her down.