Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Love

I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever. Not that our life is super interesting though. Since summer is wrapping up and our lives are about to get a bit more chaotic I figure I better do something on here.
We just went to a BBQ for my moms work
Little Miss Davi climbing the wall
Peyton came back from the slip n slide looking like this
This weekend we went up to Salt Lake City and Park City- my sisterAshley helped us win a gift package to Park City and a chance to win a 16 day trip to Kenya for a safari, We needed to be at the Hogle zoo on saturday for the giveaway so we made a weekend out of it. The getaway package we won had the hotel stay, dinner, olympic park ride tickets and a summer lift pass. we love free stuff!
Here is our hotel, when we had our room service come to our room it was a girl I went to high school with-small world. We had such a nice relaxing weekend, we needed to take advatage of it since we can count the remaining CALM weekends we have on one hand :)
On Sunday we went to the olympic park. I was "highly advised" not to ride any of the rides but it was still a lot of fun
This is the little zip line, I missed getting a shot of everyone on the big extreme zip line that went about 50 mph
The olympic skiers were practicing jumping into the pool, it was pretty cool. This guy was from Australia and bustin out the douple back flips like it was nothing.
We went on the ski lift ride, it was way pretty. These lifts make Brianhead look like nothing
Just chilling on the top of the mountain enjoying the view of Park City

Here's the belly at 36 weeks, I had to get permission to come up north, I promised my Dr she wouldnt come while we were gone. Thank goodness she didn't
We went to the baby elephants birthday party for the safari giveaway. cute little Peyton
Me and Davi
This is how we avoid loosing little kids in our family... I wrote Peytons moms number on her arm... just in case, fortunately it wasn't necessary
Here's the baby elephant trashing everything, it was pretty cute
Here is the momma elephant picking the winner. We all had pretty good odds, there were 25 people in the drawing and 6 of them were from our family-my family is amazing at winning things. I was crossing my fingers but my sisters brother in law ended up winning the safari! yay Buck.
Jeremy "needed" an upgrade, he sold his '04 450 crf and got an '07. He got a good deal... or so he tells me.
Annual Beaver Mountain trip
I hope Avree gets Jeremys eyes
Lake Time
We took my family to Gunlock
Peyton wanted Jeremy to jump off the back of the boat with her ALL DAY

Me and the Peyters
She was so worn out she was drooling

Emilee, my little cabage patch doll
We are just trying to get everything set up for little Avrees arrival. she should be here in less than 4 weeks!! It is so crazy to think about how different our lives will be forever