Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis the season

Merry Christmas friends!!! I guess its about time I put something on our blog. We've been having tons of fun with our families lately-that is the best part of this season... along with fun christmas parties and lots and lots of yummy food.

Jeremy got a dirt bike tire. Thanks N8

I got Jeremy this sweet Hart and Huntington helmet
- - - - -
This morning we went over to my sister Ashleys house while the girlies were opening their presents. The girls got new bikes and Jeremy and Peyton had so much fun riding around and around the house. Peyters would go so fast around the corners she would usualy run into the wall.

- - - - -
On Christmas eve we went out to Warner Valley with our friends Kase and Jules and their little family and took the dirt bikes and guns.Dont break into my house cuz Im packin heat
Typical Jeremy-showin everyone up with the one arm shooting

N8 and Jeremy went out a few times this week after the rain to make some dirt jumps. It took awhile but I dont get sick anymore watching Jeremy jump.

you can see the little runway where the carpet is laid down

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Nice Day at Sand Hollow

Today we went riding at the sand dunes. It was absolutly perfect!! Of course Jeremy and Nate had to search for jumps the entire time.

I like this one, the colors are cool

They are 2 peas in a pod

This is my proof that I was there.

Jeremy had a Mountain Dew in the truck....

Nate did too....
N8 is very dramatic


My new favorite thing about saturdays are yard sales! I know... i'm a loser :) but we got some fun things today at yard sales. Jeremy's mom bought us this little patio set for our back yard. We've been working on our back yard a lot now we have some where to sit! Thanks Sherry!!!!

We got this beauty for cheap! this is the only way I can get Jeremy to cook. Works for me.

Last sunday we took a little drive out to our favorite local resivor. It's so low that the dock is closed. so sad.

Yuppers, that is the dock that Jeremy is pointing at

Here is our sweet little Mighty Max! it was FREE!!!
Jeremy has been workin hard in his garage. He just put a SEMI HORN on his truck. He is so tempted to honk it at poor runners on the side of the road.
Tyler and Jeremy fixin Tys truck.
He didn't look to happy working on my 4wheeler

We are trying to make our backyard nice... YES a new fence is on the list
This is right after we put in the brick terrace.

Right after we put down the stinky manuer. gross

NOW! can u tell I am pretty proud of our baby grass?!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cedar Mountain camping trip

Over Labor day weekend we went campin up by Brianhead. We borrowed Jeremy's boss' toy hauler so we didn't have to sleep in out toy hauler with Jeremy's whole family. Jeremy's dad is the king of snoring, it's unbelevable how loud he is, and his watch beeps every hour for some crazy reason. So Jeremy and I had a huge trailer all to ourselves. It was so nice. The first night it rained all night and the skylight over the bed dripped all over Jeremy, but i slept like a baby:) The view over Yankee Meadows

He won't ever smile for me in pictures, but I still think he's a cutie

Jackson, gramma and Jeremy
amazing view thru my dirty goggles
Our friend Ali fishin. She's a fish-a-holic

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Picture Overload

Last weekend we went to Lagoon and the hogle zoo with my whole family. We had tons of fun!!! my nieces and nephews are so cute and crazy.
Peyton is so sassy, here she is modeling her pull ups! so cute
Papa with Brooklyn and Peyton

Jeremy is a natural. uh oh. Little Emily loves to eat if you couldn't tell
Jeremy and Davi gravi
The whole crew-its hard to get everyone with cute faces when the sun is setting right in your face
The 3 day old giraff, i think it was asleep
Brookie and Davi

Brookie with the ape
This is at the bird show, it was fun. the birds flew right over our heads
All my nieces and nephews (besides Kenlee and Emily)
Everyone loves Jeremy. Davi and Kason
We got soaked on Rattlesnake rapids
Davi, Ashley and Dave
My mom, peyters and Dad. little peyton was shivering
Peyters does the funniest faces....

We love the rocket. Re entry is the BESTHeather, her boyfriend Skip, his sister Christina and my mom. Christina HATES roller coasters. she's a trooper for trying. her face is so sad.
My niece Davi loves to take my camera and take a hundred random pictures.. these are some of the surprises she left for me..
Random dude
yuppers-shes cute

maybe she'll be a famous photographer one day....