Sunday, July 12, 2009

Manti Camping Trip

We went camping up in Manti canyon this weekend. Thursday morning before we got totally dirty we drove down to the Manti Temple. The young kids did baptisms and Jeremy baptised them. Then us adults... I guess we're in the adult category... went to a session. If you have never done a live session-only the Manti and Salt Lake temples have them now- I recommend it. the little old temple workers are so dang cute.

Manti is such a pretty temple. My parents were married here.
We had a ton of fun just relaxing on the mountain. We had perfect weather-sunny and cool. it only started to rain for a few minutes when we were loading up to leave. We ate some yummy rainbow trout for dinner one night that the boys caught in the lake. We got to try out the new but old toy hauler. thank goodness for tylenol PM cuz Jim is such a loud snorer.
just getting ready to go on a ride.

This was on our 50+ mile ride. my legs still hurt from it
Jakers and Jeremy
One of the many little lakes on the mountain
Jeremy playing in the snow in July

Everyone loves little Nixon...even Rob

Griffy getting ready to go ride. He did not like his new goggles

Nixon body slamming Grundy

This is durring one of the intense horseshoe games. Jeremy and Kason are the reigning champs

Lake Mead Pics

We camped at Lake Mead a few weeks ago with our friends the Peads and the Callisters a few weeks ago.
Jeremy doing a backroll

Jules and Griffin


Kason and Griff
Kody and Lily

Trish and Kody
Lily poo and Kody

Julie and Griffin