Sunday, February 14, 2010


We went to Dumont the other week with Nate and our buddies Kason and Julie and their 2 little boys Griffin and Nolan and a few others. It was a perfect weekend, nice weather, not too many people and no injuries or accidents-which is pretty amazing :) Sadly my camera battery died about 10 minutes after I started taking pictures so I missed all of Jeremys huge jumps- He was doing a huge 90 foot jump that seriously made me feel sick. He is crazy!!! N8ers doing a heel clicker


Jeremy jumping the 4 wheeler- sad I only got pictures of him on the 4wheeler and not on his dirt bike at all
Jeremy, Nate, Tyler and Mike
This is usually how riding is....a bunch of boys...and me.
Jeremy roostin in the bowl

This picture does not do the dunes justice-they are HUGE


Mike and Tyler chillin
Cute little Griffy-He was our entertainment for the whole trip. What a cutie