Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Nice Day at Sand Hollow

Today we went riding at the sand dunes. It was absolutly perfect!! Of course Jeremy and Nate had to search for jumps the entire time.

I like this one, the colors are cool

They are 2 peas in a pod

This is my proof that I was there.

Jeremy had a Mountain Dew in the truck....

Nate did too....
N8 is very dramatic


My new favorite thing about saturdays are yard sales! I know... i'm a loser :) but we got some fun things today at yard sales. Jeremy's mom bought us this little patio set for our back yard. We've been working on our back yard a lot now we have some where to sit! Thanks Sherry!!!!

We got this beauty for cheap! this is the only way I can get Jeremy to cook. Works for me.

Last sunday we took a little drive out to our favorite local resivor. It's so low that the dock is closed. so sad.

Yuppers, that is the dock that Jeremy is pointing at

Here is our sweet little Mighty Max! it was FREE!!!
Jeremy has been workin hard in his garage. He just put a SEMI HORN on his truck. He is so tempted to honk it at poor runners on the side of the road.
Tyler and Jeremy fixin Tys truck.
He didn't look to happy working on my 4wheeler

We are trying to make our backyard nice... YES a new fence is on the list
This is right after we put in the brick terrace.

Right after we put down the stinky manuer. gross

NOW! can u tell I am pretty proud of our baby grass?!