Sunday, August 9, 2009

Picture Overload

Last weekend we went to Lagoon and the hogle zoo with my whole family. We had tons of fun!!! my nieces and nephews are so cute and crazy.
Peyton is so sassy, here she is modeling her pull ups! so cute
Papa with Brooklyn and Peyton

Jeremy is a natural. uh oh. Little Emily loves to eat if you couldn't tell
Jeremy and Davi gravi
The whole crew-its hard to get everyone with cute faces when the sun is setting right in your face
The 3 day old giraff, i think it was asleep
Brookie and Davi

Brookie with the ape
This is at the bird show, it was fun. the birds flew right over our heads
All my nieces and nephews (besides Kenlee and Emily)
Everyone loves Jeremy. Davi and Kason
We got soaked on Rattlesnake rapids
Davi, Ashley and Dave
My mom, peyters and Dad. little peyton was shivering
Peyters does the funniest faces....

We love the rocket. Re entry is the BESTHeather, her boyfriend Skip, his sister Christina and my mom. Christina HATES roller coasters. she's a trooper for trying. her face is so sad.
My niece Davi loves to take my camera and take a hundred random pictures.. these are some of the surprises she left for me..
Random dude
yuppers-shes cute

maybe she'll be a famous photographer one day....

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell with Jeremy's family over the 24th of July. I'm such a slacker at taking pictures anywhere we go so I stole these pics off my in-laws camera. One morning we all woke up super early from baby Jack crying so we jumped in the boat and went wakeboarding. We got the best butter water, so nice and smooth.
Jeremy wakeboarding-it was literaly the butt-crack of the morning
We didn't get any pics of Jeremy's tantrums or back rolls. He's amazing

My tiny little grab
I "tried" a back flip on this trip. thank goodness we didn't get any pictrues of that train wreck

crusin down a canyon