Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its crazy that 5 months ago this is what we were doing, driving home with our little munchkin for the first time. It feels like she was just born but it feels like we've had her around forever. Time goes by so fast. These pictures are completly out of order but I dont feel like taking time to fix it :)
Eating some rice cereal

This girl loves loves loves being outside

When she was 1st born people would always notice her long fingers and say she is going to be a piano player. I found this keyboard at a yard sale for $1. Shes pretty good and making all kinds of noise but she likes to try to eat the keys too...

She always grabs the washcloth from me during her baths. She will suck out the water then redip it in the water and suck on it over and over.

Someday she will hate me for this!!
She goes CrAzY in her jumper

Dreaming of milk???

unwrapping presents on her first christmas

This was the 1st time trying rice cereal. We got more on her than in her

My niece Melissa said her shirt is so true. yup yup

We went to our first Jazz game. I was so worried about all the noise and her little ears. we had little ear plugs then cotton balls and her head band to keep the noise out. She couldn't take her eyes off the game. she loved all the noise and action. She stayed up way past her bed time

I love watching her learn new things. She has been rolling around for a month or so, she is trying to move around but she kind of just pivots around. She sits up on her own pretty good now. she can sit for a few minutes before she tips over. She loves playing with her link toys, but her favorite things are our cell phones and remotes. She was on a really good sleeping schedule, then she got sick... nowwe have no sleep schedule and we are trying to fix that--ahhh. I NEED help with that one- advice?? She loves to talk and blow raspberries. She continues to out grow her clothes before she can even wear them out. Part of me wishes she would stay little, but the other part is so excited to watch her grow up and discover everything and learn how her little body works.