Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updates... fun fun fun

This is the best time of the year- trip time! We have been busy playing so here's a few highlights of what we've been up to....

We just got back from Cedar mountain last night from a weekend of camping on Yankee Meadow with Jeremy's boss Dan, his wife Julie and their 3 little crazy but awesome boys.

Jeremy is jumping across the little river, I wish I got the river in the shot because it was a pretty far jump

At the top of the peak over looking the awesome views, Brianhead is to the leftish.

My little Robin Hood
The target

Yankee Lake, so pretty

throwing rocks

vroom vroom
On the way off the mountain Saturday night at about 9:30 we heard a weird knocking noise, we thought it was a flat tire on the toy hauler trailer so we jumped out and looked but they looked fine. We went another two feet and we heard a loud knock and got out again, a rear tire on the truck was completly off the axle, all the lug nuts were gone and only 4 of the 8 lug bolts we're left, the other 4 were sheared off and 2 of the ones that were still on were bent really bad. Thanks to the guy who got stuck behind us one the one lane windy mountain road who helped us. We rigged up the tire and headed on our way going 25 MPH. BLAH. Jeremy's brother met us in cedar so he could tow the toy hauler home and his buddy had a big flat bad trailer that he drove up and we put the truck on the trailer because we didn't want to risk anything...

the 4 bolts left
2 bolts we found on and the rim cover. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the tire when it came off. It was scary

This is the trailer we were towing that had our 4wheeler and motorcycle in it. So we decided that we were very blessed that the tire didn't come off all the way... or come off when we we're driving next to a cliff on the way down... or on the freeway going 75. So far a really bad situation it went really well as far as bad situations go. THANKS NATE AND BRADY for helping!!!

Welcome Baby Tucker Schaugaard!! Congrats Gary and Megs
We also went camping on the Henry Mountains near the Bullfrog marina with Tyler and Nicole Johnson. That was some good wet fun!
This is the coolest gas station ever near Caineville, you have to walk through a tunnel to get to the bathroom

Jeremy had never been through monument valley so we took the scenic drive home

This is what our navigation showed before we came up to these crazy dirt road swithchbacks that went down a huge cliff

and this is part of the switchback
Well that's all I have pictures of... Peace out!