Sunday, November 14, 2010

Avree's Blessing

We Blessed Avree Rose on Sunday November 7th, Jeremy gave her such a beautiful blessing. We had tons of friends and family over after, it was an awesome day! Grampa H, the baby whisperer
The beautiful Bug, My Grandma Persson crocheted this dress for me and my sisters to be blessed in. Love it

These two are my everythingLoves
Cousin Brooke
Us and Grandma and Grandpa L
The Holts (some of us)
Great Grandpa and Grandma L

Cousins Brooke, Davi and Kenlee


and of course thanks to Brittany for always being there with her camera

About a Bug

Our little (not so little anymore) Avree Bug turned 2 months old on the 12th! Time is flying by and she gets bigger by the day. She is getting a fun little personality and she can keep Jeremy and I entertained for hours.


*A few fun facts about the Bug*

*She is finally getting to where she doesnt need to eat every 2 hours *sigh of relief*

*Sleeps awesome at night, she is begining to sleep 10 hours and wake up once, I hope im not jinxing myself. (she used to wake up every 2 hours too so one a night is a great improvement

*She loves her baths, she gets so crazy that there is water all over when we are done.

*We have conversations all the time, she has found her cute little voice is good for something besides screaming :D

*She is about 14 pounds now!!! wowza.

*Size 2 diapers.

*Size 3-6 months, though some 0-3 still fit her too.

*Loves to stick out her tongue.

*Loves when her dad flys her like an airplane around the house.

*She still has tummy problems but her bad days are getting fewer and fewer.

*She ROLLED OVER once when she was 5 weeks old! it only happened once but I was freaking out.

*Can get ANYTHING she wants from her Daddy!

Our 1st run together- she fell asleep right away
Her favorite sleeping position-hands straight up, we have to pin her arms down in her blanket or she will smack her face and wake herself up all night long

Her first trip to zion on her 1 month b-day, she slept for the whole hike

The tutu my co-worker Mary made for her
Perfect costume, thanks to Aunt Heather
Bug as a Lady Bug
Picnic at Zion with Gramma L

Morning conversations "Oooooh"

Heavy eye lids in the swing

She crashed as soon as everyone left after her blessing last sunday



Kickin away in the tubby

She has the most kissable cheeks EVER XxX