Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peas Please

I feel like Avree is growing too dang fast! It doesnt help that she is a Laidlaw baby which puts her in the top percentile for weight and height. She is learning a lot and is so much fun. She has been sitting up all by her self since the end of January and she doesnt even cry when she face plants it. She's been rolling since January as well.
My favorite time is when she wakes up in the morning, she is so smiley and happy. A few nights ago we heard her in her crib kicking the matress and talking to herself for about 30 minutes. She has recently started reaching for Jeremy and I, I almost cried the first time. Love it.
She loves to watch people, dogs and unfortunately tv. She still likes walks and runs in the jogging stroller. She kicks kicks kicks all day long. Yesterday she weighed 19 pounds. I can't believe our big girl will be 6 months next week!!!
I decided I want to try to be an adveturous mom, so I made homemade baby food for Avree bug. This little girl has to see whats going on, she is such a busy body. Im afraid for when she learns how to cause some real trouble- I think she is going to be like her daddy...pray for me :)
Here is the finished product. yum yum yumminess. I really hope I can stay motivated and puree all her baby food for awhile. She has such a sensitive stomach so I hope keeping things basic will help her until she's a little older.
She would hold onto the food processor while it was going.
The first few bite she wasn't so sure about the new mush
Then she warmed up to it.
We took Avree swimming in the hot tub and she loved chasing the tug boat.
Needless to say we will be investing in some swimming diapers for this summer. We had a little swim suit for her, but her delicious thighs were too scrumptious for the leg holes.

She has also learned how to drink out of my camel back bottle. so we invested in some sippy cups which she likes- but she isnt quite sucessful at drinking out of them with out taking a bath.

toodles for now.


What's Goin' On At The White House said...

Good job on the baby food! I think I want to do something like that when we start Gavin on solids. She is such a cute little chunker!

Megs said...

She is one cute little gal! Love the pictures. You can totally see her personality in them!