Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big uh oh

The CRF on a happier day

Mr unbreakable is broken. I guess its only a matter of time before he would get hurt since his middle name is Danger.
So here's the story.... On June 4th Jeremy went to the motocross track with some buddies, I was on my way to a birthday party when Jeremy called me and told me he broke his arm, bad. He over jumped a jump by about 20 feet going about 40 mph and wasn't able to miss the burm on the corner which kicked his back tire and made him fly over his handle bars. He said he was seeing stars. My initial reaction was, um, freaking out-we don't have insurance and I was seeing $$$- horrible, I know. I did ask him if he was ok before I started freaking out though :) So my parents came and took Avree and I took Jeremy to the ER since I knew they wouldn't be able to do much at instacare. Jeremy's fingers were starting to get tingly and starting to hurt more and more, by the time we got to the ER his fingers were numb. Oh ER, I don't like you. 2 hours of "hmm" and "ok, I'll be right back" (liars) I was constantly looking for another nurse to get Jeremy more pain pills because he was in so much pain and morphine wasn't touching his pain, it just kept getting worse and worse. He was given 3 doses of morphine then finally 2 doses of dilaudid and a muscle relaxer, then he could finally relax a little, but he was in lala land after that. On one of my many ventures out in the hall to find someone, I saw his Dr and asked for some water. That's when he told me that Jeremy couldn't have any water or food because he may need surgery and he showed me some xrays (that I couldn't see through my tears) This whole time, nobody would tell us anything, it was so frustrating. They called in an orthopedic surgeon to look at him, he came and poked Jeremy's hand with a pin, which Jeremy couldn't feel. Then left the room. I asked a nurse if he was going to have surgery and she said yes and that they were bumping patients to get him in right away. Jeremy broke his 4th metacarpal, ulna and scaphoid and his wrist was also dislocated which was pinching his medial nerve- which was causing the numbness. The surgery was 2 hours long, he got a plate in his metacarpal with 6 screws and a big screw in his scaphoid, the Dr moved one tendon and stitched 2 others where they dislocated. That was a long day. Im so grateful that we have both our families in town, they were so helpful with Avree.

Jeremy didn't know I was talking a picture, but this was when he was in a ton of pain.
Dr Leitze is the surgeon in the red shirt. He was great.

Going into surgery, heavily medicated, heavily.
Jeremy made me put this picture up, it's his favorite-sorry if you're squeamish. This is when we were getting the 16 staples and 6 stitches (in his palm) out. It's been 5 weeks today and he is still pretty sore although he tries to be tough. His hand gets really swollen and if he overdoes it he pays for it. The Dr said he will be out of work (and diaper duty) for 2-3 months, so we are hoping that it won’t be that long. This whole thing has been pretty hard but I know things could be so much worse.


justinandash said...

Poor Jeremy! I hope he heals up quickly.

What's Goin' On At The White House said...

Yikes! I am so glad that you just went to the ER so that things would get done a little bit faster. If anything like that ever happens again or you need help, don't be afraid to ask!

Adri Jo said...

Oh my!! That is so sad! I'm glad they were able to do surgery right away. I hope its a speedy recovery!